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As the final (and center) member of The Circle, Secretary of Senate Annette Moore speaks with the Intern in Exile about her duties, highlights and funniest moments of working for Senate.


Get to know the hilarious women of “The Circle,” Leslie McLean and Paula Tew, as they describe funny moments of this year’s Legislative Session.


The Intern in Exile interviewed Evoline Gardner and Katherine Gardner (no relation) to speak about what they do in the Senate.


The Intern in Exile met with the Senate Secretaries to hear about what they do for the Senate and capture some of their 2010 Session highlights.


The Senate Pages, or as they call themselves the "staff gophers," spent time with the Intern in Exile to talk about their experiences during the 2010 Legislative Session.


Greg Johnson and Richard Block, Utah Senate technical support team, speak with the Intern in Exile about their experience working for Senate.


In a short interview with the Intern in Exile, Senator Allen Christensen gave a brief update about his bill on a tobacco tax, bill status and SB 40.


If you’re among one of many (including myself) who have found yourself asking for directions into the Senate chambers, you’ve probably had the privilege to meet the “men in the blue coast” (as I frequently refer to them), officially known as Security and Sergeant at Arms.
This group of 12 men are hired by the Senate to not only provide safety and order to the Senate meetings but comedic relief as well. Sergeant at Arms Bob Gardner, often refereed to as the Senate jokester, explained that his badge really should be called the “Sergeant of Charms.”
When asked what their official position is, most joked that they are actually just barriers between the Senators and the Lobbyists. “Guard the door, take care of the Senators...keep the lobbyists out,” Jason said.
Listed below are all of the Senate Security. If you get the chance to come up to Capitol Hill, make sure you stop by their desks (located in front of the Senate suite) to take some taffy and hear some of their more entertaining stories about what they’ve witnessed over the years at the Senate.
Bob Gardner: Sergeant at Arms, Thomas Shepherd: Asst. Sergeant at Arms, Virgil Blair, Frank Christenson, Steve Higham, Glenn Hildebrand, Jason Hildebrand, Paul Jacobs, Dale Hansen, Leo Parry, Roger Winslow and Dennis Bird.

For more information, please visit UtahSenate.org


By Krystle Whitney
The Intern in Exile

Behind the success of each Senator stands a small squadron of dedicated nonpartisan staff. To help you--the interested and involved public--get to know some of these wonderful people and the work they do, I will be writing some highlights with pictures and podcasts. Just for fun. And because they deserve a little recognition.

Today’s Highlight: The Telephone Operators

Commenting that they too are in Exile, the Operators, spent time with me to explain what they do for the Senate. Tucked away in the East Senate building, with a view overlooking City Creek Canyon and the northeast parking lot, Becky, Vicky and Ellen shared valuable tips and insight for the public:

“Call the House (operator) and ask for Betty!” they said (joking). “If not that, email your Senator... and please learn their name first.” Working directly with all of the Senate staff, they are often the first people reached by the public. “We take the calls from the public and try to get them as much information as we can,” Vicky said about their position.